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American Stories Entertainment, Inc., in partnership with Alien Rage, Inc. (founded by ASHBA), is co-producing a new docuseries titled “ASHBA Frekuency.” This prime-time show follows the creation and launch of Guitar Dance Music (GDM), blending electronic dance music (EDM) with powerful guitar melodies and vocalists.


ASHBA Frekuency covers the preparation for a major GDM premiere in Las Vegas, including a national talent search for five new vocalists. The final episodes feature ASHBA's residency at a top Las Vegas venue, supported by Universal Music. ASHBA and ASE will continue producing the series, documenting GDM's developments and introducing new artists.


The show captures the excitement and opportunity within the music community surrounding GDM. ASHBA’s vision becomes reality with Frekuency, exploring and expanding the boundaries of music by merging EDM, rock, and pop.


ASHBA Frekuency chronicles the preparation of a massive GDM premiere event launch in Las Vegas flanked by a national talent search for five new vocalists who will be showcased in the event finale.

The show season culminates in the opening of Ashba's residency at a preeminent Las Vegas super venue during the season finale. Universal Music is supporting the development of the residency project as well as working with ASHBA and ASE on the television show.

ASHBA Frekuency is not a one-time television event. The ASHBA and ASE collaboration will continue to co-produce the series, documenting developments in GDM and introducing new artists in the genre. 

As an example of the series’ continuation, the second season will involve a new national talent search for five EDM DJ/producers who will work with ASHBA to launch the next season of his Las Vegas residency.

The show title reflects the explosion of excitement, interest and opportunity within the music community surrounding this new music genre. With the launch of GDM, the first new major development in years in the music world, ASHBA’s vision will become reality with a Frekuency!

Key Elements

The ASHBA Frekuency TV show and event includes these key elements
all of which are filmed as part of the show:

  • 12 episodes including a one-hour grand finale. The show format is what we describe as “Real Docs” – reality-based documentary style storytelling, presented in a fly-on-the-wall, behind-the-scenes style of filming. 

  • Nationwide talent search for five unique vocalists across the pop, latin, country, rock, and hip hop / rap genres.

  • Online voting for vocalist selection engages the prospective fan base early, and throughout the competition and filming, with registrant casting currently estimated at 50,000. Online voting results in 20 finalists.
  • Our contest technology platform partner is Orbiiit (Orbiiit.com) who’s voting platform mechanism involves contestant registrants promoting across their social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X), etc.) and asking for their community’s support. This activity results in the organic creation of a massive fan, and likely show viewer, base which, in turn, promotes to their friends and family through word-of-mouth. We currently estimate 1,000,000 voters.

  • The 5 finalists determined in the online voting phase will result in one grand prize winner selected by a panel of four judges led by ASHBA.

  • The production of one song by ASHBA, who will also perform with the grand prize winner in the finale. 

Frekuency Judges

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Show Distribution​

ASHBA Frekuency will air nationally on American Stories network of national channels. The show will air on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (TBD).​ In addition, ASE is in talks with its distribution partners including Film Hub, Anthem Entertainment, and others, about distributing Frekuency domestically and worldwide.​

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ASHBA and American Stories Entertainment are mission-driven to launch the next major development in music – Guitar Dance Music. ​

With a powerful team of creative talent, film and TV professionals and industry leaders, ASHBA and ASE are highly confident that their plan of action and vision will be carried out. ​