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The Real Man Show

1 Seasons Sep 2022

Former Marine Mike Monaco and Patriot Entrepreneur Kyle Reyes are resurrecting the art of manliness with humor and adventure in The Real Man Show brought to you by Monaco Ford.

Surviving Mann: All-Stars

1 Seasons Jul 2022

A new challenge for the best of the best. The top 3 Surviving Mann contestants will face off against 3 special operations veterans in a 48-hour no-sleep battle of endurance and willpower. Watch & discover if these top contestants are worthy of the name All-Stars.

Beyond The Close

1 Seasons Feb 2022

10 of the country’s top realtors gather for a career-defining competition. Guided by a team of all-star business experts, these super-agents will be put to the ultimate test, to prove they have what it takes to rise to the very top and be number one. Follow them BEYOND THE CLOSE.

Friday Night Football (FNF)

0 Seasons Sep 2021

Each week two nationally ranked high school football teams will square off to win the “Game of the Week.” See the star players destined to play on Saturdays, and even Sundays, in the future. Games will be held in some of the most famous high school stadiums in the country and could dictate who will win coveted state championships.

Country Ball

2 Seasons Aug 2021

High school coaching prodigy head coach Jesse Chinchar, who has gained over 500 scholarship offers for players at his small private school, hunts down diamonds in the rough. Rural players who are great yet aren’t getting exposure and can’t get a scholarship. Jesse changes that, helping with advice, strategies and tactics to get them the exposure and offers they’re lacking. In return, players take Jesse on hometown adventures they love like hunting, shooting, fishing, racing and more.

This Week In High School Football

1 Seasons Jul 2021

You want to know which teams are the best in the USA each week? How about learning from some of the top college prospects and what their plans are? John Garcia, Sports Illustrated, runs this high-energy tour of High School football during the fall that is both entertaining and insightful. John’s knowledge base is extraordinary and you won’t go wrong tuning into this show for real football information.

Get The Word Out

1 Seasons Jul 2021

ASN’s Get The Word Out, with a special introduction from Original Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington, features individuals who are communicating positive and inspirational messages to all people. Each vignette of 15 minutes or less, features one unique and uplifting message from exemplary individuals from all walks of life.

Surviving Mann: Aftermath

1 Seasons Jul 2021

This freewheeling "show after the show" puts together three stars of Surviving Mann, Aly Webster, Liberte Austin and Jenn Stankus to discuss what just happened in each Surviving Mann episode. They reveal secrets about what actually occurred and what's in store for the next show. As a BONUS, each Aftermath Episode features an unusual gun or self-defense-related challenge that will electrify viewers across the country.

Surviving Mann

1 Seasons Jun 2021

Join SEAL Team 6 vet & bestselling author Don Mann in a thrilling survival competition as contestants from all backgrounds battle to take on Don in the final showdown. Who will come out on top in this high-stakes adventure?

Like A Train

PG 1 Seasons May 2015

A small, high school football team begins their ambitious journey for the perfect season, encountering pain, triumph and joy along the way. This journey will be long, tiring, full of laughter, full of tears, full of victory, defeat, joy, nostalgia, honesty and achievement. It will have been worth any trouble, for pain is perishable and pleasure, well, it endures. Ladies and gentlemen, Like a Train.