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Monday got the creative juices flowing. Now it's time for action! Get Tactical every Tuesday with Surviving Mann episodes streaming all day or on-demand on your schedule.

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Get your high school football game on with our exciting high school football shows: This Week in High School Football, Country Ball and Like A Train streaming all day or on-demand. PLUS tune in live on select Fridays for Friday Night Football featuring on field commentary and interviews from top games around the country.

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Lineup Runtime: 3 hrs

Surviving Mann: S2:E02 | 25 mins

Don Mann comes up with challenges for the contestants and the team. And then makes them much harder. Will all the contestants survive? Don’t miss special guest appearances from celebrity shooters.

Surviving Mann Aftermath: S2:E02 | 26 mins

Special guests Kerri Kasem and Black Rambo join Dr. Jenn, Dave Mead, and Amy Mitchell to give an insider look at the hit reality show Surviving Mann. Kerri describes how she narrowly avoided having to face water hazards, alligators, and carrying massive tires over barriers. Rambo shares his warrior mindset, while Mead conquers (most of the) rope climbing. And everyone agrees that Raquel earned her nickname of “Honey Badger”. The episode features a thrilling gun challenge with the AR pistol “The Champion” from US Arms Company. Contestants aim to hit fifteen targets in record time, with one participant achieving a perfect score. Guess who won! The show concludes with a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Surviving Mann.

Surviving Mann: All-Stars: Episode 2 | 37 mins

The challenges have only gotten started. In episode two, the two teams must go beyond their limits to come out on top. From the brutal Blah line to chopping down trees with only a small ax, it’s a battle for points that’ll take immense willpower to see to the end.

Country Ball: Season 2, Episode 1 | 24 mins

In the Season 2 premiere of Country Ball, you'll meet Kayleb Wagner, who broke the Florida state high school rushing record held by Alabama alumni Derrick Henry, now a Tennessee Titan and one of the NFL's most dominant running backs. Showered with media attention, like most all-time record breakers, Kayleb was now a de facto superstar and destined to be bombarded with scholarship offers. But only one came and was then withdrawn. Why? Because despite his athletic and academic prowess, Kayleb has one arm. Hear Kayleb's story in his own words and the words of his amazing mom Sam, where he's been, what he's doing now, and most importantly, where he's going.

Beyond The Close: Episode 4 | 52 mins

Join us for the most intense real estate competition finale on TV! Watch as we crown the triumphant super-agent and hear from the contestants on their personal growth and future aspirations. Plus, don't miss celebrity agent Christine Quinn's exclusive tour of Miami's most luxurious properties with top developers and agents. Get inspired by breathtaking views, architecture, and design. It's a night of triumph, inspiration, and unforgettable moments that you won't want to miss.

Stories You Want To Hear

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