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Get your high school football game on with our exciting high school football shows: This Week in High School Football, Country Ball and Like A Train streaming all day or on-demand. PLUS tune in live on select Fridays for Friday Night Football featuring on field commentary and interviews from top games around the country.

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Lineup Runtime: 5 hrs 46 mins

Beyond The Close: Episode 1 | 45 mins

10 of the country’s top realtors gather to begin a career-defining competition. Guided by a team of all-star business experts, these super-agents will be put to the ultimate test, to prove they have what it takes to rise to the very top and be number one. Follow them… Beyond The Close.

Country Ball: Episode 6 | 29 mins

The first part of the season finale starts now. Jesse’s back on his home turf of Clearwater, Florida, at Clearwater Academy International with not one, but TWO of his top players: Luca Stanzani and Dylan Djeté – who’ve both been playing football since they were little. Dylan’s a family-oriented player who got five touchdowns across his first two games in America. Luca’s been CAI’s starting quarterback since eighth grade and has both the brains and the dedication to go far. See just what these players can do in this episode of Country Ball!

Country Ball: Episode 7 | 36 mins

It’s the finale of Country Ball season one. Through their journey, Dylan and Luca have become brothers. With Jesse’s help, they’ll show just how much they’ve grown as players. Get ready to cheer for some incredible football. You’re not going to want to miss this!

No Huddle Life Season Finale! | 38 mins

It’s the No Huddle finale! Join Bill on another adventure as he tackles life, the outdoors, and his own fears. In this three-part quest, he’ll need to overcome his motorbike phobia and fish with a master. How will he manage? Who’s there to help him? One thing’s for sure: it’s never too late to live!

This Week In High School Football: Episode 6 | 17 mins

This week 2 state champions with multiple college prospects face off in Jacksonville, Florida. John Garcia, Jr. of Sports Illustrated and SI 99 gives his unique perspective on the players, their skills and game strategies as Trinity Christian goes head-to-head against fellow state champion and rival American Heritage. Meet some of their star players and discuss their strengths and college plans. Also hear from their 300 game-winning, multiple state championship head coach Coach Dorminey and get the latest updates on Division 1 recruit prospects from around the nation.

Randy Counture Foundation Interview | 3 mins

In this rare interview, MMA legend Randy Couture shares what moved him to start the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation and shares details on the work his foundation does to support our most in need veterans.

Surviving Mann: Episode 10 | 40 mins

It's mission time! The clock is ticking and our hostage's demise is imminent unless the team can get him out in time. Watch the mission unfold and whether or not the team succeeds fully in this, the season finale of Surviving Mann. As the mission concludes, see who of the 32 Survived Mann, who came out on top and reminisce with the cast as they say goodbye to the adventure of a lifetime.

Surviving Mann: Aftermath: Episode 10 | 21 mins

The mission is complete and the top competitors of Surviving Mann Season 1 have been officially announced and awarded. In this finale episode of Aftermath, Aly, Liberte & Jenn give more details on the mission that were not seen in the finale episode and tell what it’s like now that this adventure of a lifetime has come to a close. Plus the girls enjoy one final speed challenge with SAR USA to close out their fantastic show season!

Like A Train: Episode 5: The Final Ride | 101 mins

For some Clearwater Knights players, their high school football career will end during this episode and they will never play football again. Will they go out on top? Or, have regrets forever? Watch the final act to this unforgettable season of ups and downs.

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