Is it free to watch?

Yes. For the time being, all American Stories content is free to view. You should create an account to watch all content and save shows to your Watch List. Creating an account will also give you access to preview screenings, special events, and merchandise discounts.

I am facing video playback issues. What do I do?

Our player allows you to select the playback quality of the stream. If you're experiencing playback issues, try lowering the stream quality. If that doesn't remedy the problem, please visit our contact page and select Website Issue as your topic when reporting the issue using the form you'll find there.

Show lists are not displaying properly. What do I do?

Try disabling your cookie blocker. Some site features require cookies to work properly. If you've done that and it still doesn't work, try refreshing the page. This usually fixes any display problems. If the above solutions don't remedy the problem, please visit our contact page and select Website Issue as your topic when reporting the issue using the form you'll find there.

Episodes are not being added to my Watch List. What do I do?

Much like other streaming services, only Shows can be added to your Watch List. Individual episodes will not show up even if the button for Watch List is available. Please visit the Shows page to add any shows you like to your Watch List.

Will my account work outside my country?

All American Stories Network content is available to stream via our website, mobile apps, as well as on Roku, Fire and Apple TV. We have no blocks on our content for any countries. If you are having trouble viewing in your country, please check with your ISP to see if our content is blocked in your country.

When will more shows be available?

The ASE Production Team is working around the clock to produce our shows with more coming to air regularly. To stay on top of the latest release dates and be eligible for pre-release screenings, be sure to register with this site and opt-in for special announcements.

How can I become a cast member on one of your shows?

We continually invite members of our community to be cast members on ASN shows. If you are an ASN Fan / Insider, you are already on that mailing list. If not, please sign-up so you can be the first to know when casting opportunities become available.

How can I get my show on ASN?

If you have a finished, professionally produced production that is ready to air, and you feel it would be appropriate for our audience, you may visit our contact page and select Business Inquiry as your option. Please include a link to the content you wish to be considered in your inquiry. Please note that ASE is currently in production on multiple shows simultaneously and it may be some time before you receive a reply from us on this topic.

Can you produce my show idea?

We are currently in production on several shows with still more in pre-production. We are not accepting show concept submissions at this time. That said, if you have a professionally produced show that is finished and ready to air, and you feel it may be appropriate for our audience, please feel free to contact us using the form on this site and select Business Inquiry as your option. Be sure to include a link to your finished production in your submission. If your idea is not yet produced, and you’d like assistance in getting it made, we recommend Stage 32. This website provides valuable resources for individuals interested in getting their ideas produced and much more.


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