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Mid Evil VFG (Variable Forward Grip)

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Mid Evil Tri-Pod / Mono-Pod System

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Our Mission

Mid-Evil Industries is committed to providing gun enthusiasts with high quality, precision engineered weapon accessories. All our products are designed, developed and manufactured with first-rate materials for strength and endurance.

What Makes Us Unique

At Mid-Evil Industries, we don’t make minor alterations to gun parts and accessories and re-market them. We take a product, like a vertical fore grip and take it to a whole new level to create a revolutionary, fully adjustable, ergonomic vertical fore grip that will appeal to all shooters. As a result, our 360° VFG is unrivaled and unsurpassed.

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The Overwatch Commander

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THE OVERWATCH COMMANDER is our premier Quick Detach Tripod/Monopod Modular System that delivers a stable monopod/tripod set-up with the ability to pivot from the base and head of the system allowing for elevated shots and shots down target. The flexibility in height achieved by the QD Adjustable Monopod and QD Monopod Extension combined provides for wide traverse and elevation. We have also constructed and attached new Leg Extensions with Center Stabilizer to the base QD Tripod for additional stability and sturdiness. The entire system weighs 5 pounds and 15.8 ounces.