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Lineup Runtime: 6 hrs 2 mins

The Real Man Show: Episode 5: Helicopter Hog Hunt | 8 mins

Texas has a wild hog problem, and The Real Men are bringing the heat. Have you ever seen hunting out of a moving helicopter?

No Huddle Life: Episode 10: Land Paddleboarding | 7 mins

Floating down the Colorado River, there were people (and even a dog) shooting the rapids on stand-up paddleboards! It looked so fun! But, unless it’s summer, that water is freezing. So when I found out about Keith Zaring, founder of AKZ Paddle Company, I called him right up. His land boards are a perfect year-round training device for SUP paddleboarding (without continual icy dips in the frigid Colorado rivers and lakes).

The Real Man Show: Episode 6: Over The Edge | 14 mins

Real Men + 90-foot drop = ??? Do they feel lucky? Can Kyle overcome his fear? Or will Mike have something to tease him with for the rest of his life? Find out in the next episode of The Real Man Show.

No Huddle Life: Episode 11: Fly Fishing for Newbies | 12 mins

I’ve long dreamt of learning fly fishing. While I’ve tried it before on my own (pretty much a disaster—watch the video for the story) this was the first time I had proper instruction. Master guide Jack Bruner of Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides was a godsend.

The Real Man Show: Episode 7: Hijinks & Helicopters |16 Mins

The sky’s the limit in this episode. Let’s just hope no one we know has a fear of heights. It’s time to discover which of The Real Men is the best helicopter pilot.

No Huddle Life: Episode 12: Lake Fishing in The Rockies |14 mins

A dream day for me: I'm a total newbie fly-fisherman and fledgling E-Biker (watch me barrel down a steep mountain trail looking precariously shaky), but with some expert help to guide me on the way. I would have been lost (literally) without the Colorado trout whisperer Jack Bruner; the amazing dudes from QuietKat, all-terrain E-bikes; and Jay Stalnacker from WetFly and their superb fly-fishing gear.

Randy Counture Foundation Interview | 3 mins

In this rare interview, MMA legend Randy Couture shares what moved him to start the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation and shares details on the work his foundation does to support our most in need veterans.

The Real Man Show: Episode 8: Breaching Bottles | 10 mins

We know The Real Men like beer, but what’s the manliest way to open the bottles? With a Bottle Breacher, of course! It’s time to see how you turn decommissioned rounds into patriotic bottle openers.

Surviving Mann: Episode 10 | 40 mins

It's mission time! The clock is ticking and our hostage's demise is imminent unless the team can get him out in time. Watch the mission unfold and whether or not the team succeeds fully in this, the season finale of Surviving Mann. As the mission concludes, see who of the 32 Survived Mann, who came out on top and reminisce with the cast as they say goodbye to the adventure of a lifetime.

Surviving Mann: Aftermath: Episode 10 | 21 mins

The mission is complete and the top competitors of Surviving Mann Season 1 have been officially announced and awarded. In this finale episode of Aftermath, Aly, Liberte & Jenn give more details on the mission that were not seen in the finale episode and tell what it’s like now that this adventure of a lifetime has come to a close. Plus the girls enjoy one final speed challenge with SAR USA to close out their fantastic show season!

Surviving Mann: All-Stars: Episode 1 | 40 mins

Surviving Mann Season 1 thrilled with challenges, adventure and good old-fashioned American determination. But, before season 2 arrives, we have a new challenge for the best of the best. In All-Stars the top 3 Surviving Mann contestants will face off against 3 special operations veterans in a 48-hour no-sleep battle of endurance and willpower. Starting with a kayak, portage and run challenge, it’s time to discover if these top contestants are worthy of the name All-Stars.

Like A Train: Episode 5: The Final Ride | 101 mins

For some Clearwater Knights players, their high school football career will end during this episode, and they will never play football again. Will they go out on top? Or, have regrets forever? Watch the final act of this unforgettable season of ups and downs.

Country Ball: Episode 6 | 29 mins

The first part of the season finale starts now. Jesse’s back on his home turf of Clearwater, Florida, at Clearwater Academy International with not one, but TWO of his top players: Luca Stanzani and Dylan Djeté – who’ve both been playing football since they were little. Dylan’s a family-oriented player who got five touchdowns across his first two games in America. Luca’s been CAI’s starting quarterback since eighth grade and has both the brains and the dedication to go far. See just what these players can do in this episode of Country Ball!

Country Ball: Episode 7 | 36 mins

It’s the finale of Country Ball season one. Through their journey, Dylan and Luca have become brothers. With Jesse’s help, they’ll show just how much they’ve grown as players. Get ready to cheer for some incredible football. You’re not going to want to miss this!

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