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Who We Are

Varusteleka (pronounced [Where’s the liquor?] and loosely translates to Gear Hammer) is an army and outdoor store from Finland. We have a walk-in store in Helsinki and we serve online customers worldwide. What does this Varusteleka mean? Varusteleka is obviously Finnish and comes from “varuste”, which means equipment or gear, and “leka” which means a sledgehammer, or a bottle of booze in slang.

Customers will be attended to even after the purchase, that’s how good our service is. We take pride in our skill and experience: you will have hard time finding a better military surplus store than Varusteleka.

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Terävä Skrama 240, Carbon Steel

Skrama – as in Scramasax or Seax, a big single-edged knife popular in the early Middle Ages. Much like the Scandinavian Leuku, it doubles up as a tool and defensive implement. A fine name is always nice and the best ones are those with some history behind them – our 21st-century Skrama would surely meet the demands of any Saxon man from “ye good olde days”.