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Surviving Mann Season 3 thrills yet again with unique challenges and exciting displays of determination, skill, and athleticism. Don Mann puts our competitors through their paces, training them for the season’s final mission based on his decades of experience as a SEAL Team 6 Operator. Witness it all each week on the Pursuit Channel and the Fieldcraft Survival YouTube Channel starting July 2nd, 2024.

Surviving Mann Season 3 Leaderboard
1Caleb ChristiansenCaleb Christiansen
2Danny ZachariasDanny Zacharias
3Kyle BakerKyle Baker

Enjoy the show and watch each competitor overcome obstacles to prove they have what it takes to lead the final mission team during the season finale. Come back here throughout the season to cast your vote for the season’s MVP. 

While you wait, take a look at our Surviving Mann Season 3 competitors below and get to know who you’ll be seeing in each episode. 

The Competitors

sm3cast caleb christiansen

Caleb Christiansen

College Student & Past Surviving Mann Contestant 

Caleb Christiansen at just 19, is already making waves in the world of survival challenges. He’s a college student studying veterinary science, inspired by his parents’ career path. After feeling he didn't meet his own standards in Surviving Mann: All-Stars season 2, he's back for season 3, determined to prove himself. Despite initially joining season 2 last minute, Caleb's performance earned him the MVP title. Now, fueled by a desire to push his limits further, he's ready to showcase his resilience and skills in the challenging environment of Surviving Mann season 3.

sm3cast lanny oakley barnes

Lanny Barnes

3-time Olympic Biathlete

Lanny “Oakley” Barnes is a versatile talent known for her achievements as a 3-time Olympic Biathlete and World Champion Shooter. Beyond her athletic success, she serves as the Chief Experience Officer at PrairieFire Nevada and shares her expertise as a Firearms Instructor and Trick Shooter. Lanny is also an accomplished artist, public speaker, and celebrity chef, captivating audiences with her creativity and diverse skillset.

sm3cast stephen erle

Stephen Erle

Chiropractor & Conditioning Coach

Stephen Erle is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Physio-Therapy and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with extensive experience spanning 29 years. He has treated athletes at all levels, including Broadway performers and professional football players. Stephen spent 8-years serving in the US Navy for NAVSPECWAR in the intelligence community and operated as a Corpsman for NAVSPECWAR youth and other training programs. He also trained recruits for Special Operations Command schools. Currently, he is the CEO of six pain management clinics focusing on chronic pain and nerve damage. Stephen is also a dedicated husband, father of five, and enjoys shooting sports.

sm3cast jenn stankus

Dr. Jenn Stankus

EMT Physician, Lawyer & Past Surviving Mann MVP

Dr. Jenn Stankus is a powerhouse. She’s an Emergency Physician and Licensed Attorney with a remarkable track record. Her credentials extend beyond the boardroom and hospital walls, as she boasts over a decade of military service, including rigorous Airborne training and expertise in shooting. But Dr. Jenn's talents don't stop there. She's also a force to be reckoned with in the realm of sports, excelling in BMX, extreme skiing, and overall sports and fitness. Her previous appearances on Surviving Mann, Aftermath, and All-Stars showcase her competitive spirit and serve as an inspiration to women of all ages, encouraging them to pursue their goals fearlessly.

sm3cast matt osborn

Matthew Osborn

Marketer & Outdoor Enthusiast

Matthew resides in San Tan Valley, Arizona, with his wife, Joy, and their four children. Raised in southern Utah and attending college in Colorado, Matthew developed a profound appreciation for the outdoors. His active lifestyle includes shooting, hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Matthew initially carved out a career in marketing, leading initiatives for three years before entrepreneurial aspirations took hold. He co-founded ScoutIQ, a software startup that achieved considerable success and was sold in 2022. Today, Matthew is involved in affiliate marketing within the firearms, survival, and health and fitness industries. He is also an investor in early-stage startups and is currently dedicated to launching a new software venture.

sm3cast james wilkoszewski

James Wilkoszewski

Co-Founder of Pilgrim Ammunition

James Wilkoszewski, Co-Founder, Director, and Chief Operating Officer at Pilgrim Ammunition, brings nearly two decades of leadership and management consulting expertise. With a strategic approach and intuitive marketing, he's driven positive outcomes for start-ups across several global industries. Collaborating with co-founder P.J. Marx, he introduces patented projectiles to defense and law enforcement. Leading Pilgrim Ammunition's operations and marketing, Wilkoszewski leverages his extensive experience in business development, supported by his Six Sigma Green Belt certification and MBA from Singapore Management University. He's revered for his leadership, motivation, and strategic insight.

sm3cast kyler baker

Kyle Baker

Real Estate Broker

Kyle Baker, hailing from Indianapolis, wears multiple hats with finesse. As a licensed real estate broker, he navigates the world of property transactions with skill and expertise. However, it's his ventures into Executive Protection that truly showcase his diverse skill set. With over a decade of experience in personal protection, coupled with significant time in the bail bonds industry specializing in fugitive recovery, Kyle is no stranger to high-stakes situations. Despite his already impressive resume, Kyle sought out a new challenge by auditioning for Surviving Mann. Inspired by the show's first two seasons, he recognized an opportunity to push his boundaries and test his capabilities. Though initially intimidated, Kyle's determination only grew stronger. For him, comfort zones are just barriers to be broken through. He firmly believes that real growth occurs when one ventures beyond their perceived limits, and he's eager to embrace whatever challenges lie ahead on his journey through Surviving Mann.

sm3cast danny zacharias

Danny Zacharias

Martial Artist & Past Surviving Mann Contestant

Danny Zacharias boasts advanced skills in firearms training and competitive shooting. His proficiency in martial arts, particularly Aikido, stems from training under military and SWAT instructors. Beyond the realm of competition, Danny's expertise extends to teaching missionaries essential self-defense and combat medicine techniques for survival in high-risk environments. His commitment to empowering others with life-saving knowledge underscores his dedication to preparing individuals for the most challenging situations. Returning for another round of Surviving Mann, Danny embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. With his blend of tactical expertise, martial arts prowess, and teaching experience, he's primed to tackle whatever obstacles come his way in the ultimate test of survival.

The Prize – An Unforgettable Adventure

The competitor with the most fan votes will be crowned the MVP of Surviving Mann Season 3 and will win an all-expenses-paid vacation for two to the luxurious Aggressor Signature Sri Lanka Safari Lodge!

Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka, this exclusive safari lodge offers unparalleled wildlife experiences, stunning landscapes, and world-class amenities. From thrilling game drives in Wilpattu National Park—home to leopards, sloth bears, and a myriad of bird species—to relaxing by the lodge’s pristine pool, this vacation promises adventure and relaxation in equal measure.

Our winner will experience Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity and ancient culture while enjoying gourmet dining and luxury accommodations, creating unforgettable memories in this exotic locale.

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